Thursday, February 24, 2011

John Calderazzo

When I was in college I took a creative writing class and met a fellow named John Calderazzo and we got to be pretty good friends during the class. Of course, we both wanted to be writers and often talked about it. That was over forty years ago. Over the years I often wondered if he had pursued writing and had published anything. I'll never forgot his saying he'd like to write just one classic like The Old Man and the Sea. Of course, wouldn't we all. Then, maybe ten years ago, I was trying to break into writing travel articles and doing my own photography, so I had subscribed to various magazines to learn their style, etc. And there I saw an article entitled "Water Babies" by John Calderazzo in Coastal Living magazine. I learned more about him and that he was a professor of writing at the U of Colorado or Colorado State, maybe, and he had written at least one book on how to write non-fiction, which had become his specialty. I also read a book he wrote about volcanos. I was just very impressed. I often wanted to contact him, but was afraid he wouldn't remember me, and I had not attained any kind of success. So I never tried. But I'm proud of him and hope he's still alive and well and writing.
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