Saturday, June 4, 2011


We've probably all written stories in which a character has a dream. Dreams are often crazy and difficult to understand. But dreams in stories have to relate to the story, perhaps to the plot or to a character's self-understanding. There's no revelation in this. We all know that.

We all know that dreams are a part of our sleeping life. Here's really what this post is about. Have you ever had a 'sweet' dream? I have never had a sweet dream. I don't know what one is. Each and every dream I remember ever having is full of frustration, incompetence, failure, and many other negative emotions or non-accomplishments. So, my question again is: have you ever had a sweet dream and, if you have, can you tell me about it. I'd like to know what a sweet dream is like.


Ann Best said...

Can't help you out with sweet dreams. Haven't ever had any! I guess we'll just have to invent them.

I finished your stories yesterday. They're awesome. I WILL write a review for you. I'll post it on my blog and on smashwords. Actually, I'll post it on both blogs. I talked by phone today to a woman who was recommended to help me set up my WordPress. She's JUST lovely. One hour, and I'm getting the basics. Next time she'll teach me how to get up the Google Connect icon and teach me about codes. I'm going to write articles over there besides what I do on Blogger: about autism, alcoholism, parenting, brain injury, etc.--subjects I know something about LOL. The blog is coming along. It just takes so much time.

I appreciate your comments and support.

Get your novels written and out there!

Tanya Reimer said...

Oh, the sweet dreams are the ones where you find yourself using a marshmallow to keep afloat in a sea of chocolate. And just when you realize you'll have to drink up all this sweetness, a beautiful angel covered in vanilla syrup comes to save you, wrapping you in a cloth of peppermint leaves. Sweet.
Mmmm. Hope you have a sweet one tonight.

I love studying dreams. There are several kinds but sweet ones are not one of them. sigh. Too bad, eh? We could all use a little sweetness in our nights.