Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Wit and Wisdom of Tanya Reimer

I've had the pleasure of knowing Tanya Reimer almost since I started blogging. Her posts are in a class of their own. Her blog is called Life's like that, which hints that the unexpected is usually what you get in life. Her blog touches on many subjects, but best of all, it does so with wit and wisdom. I think she should consider writing humor, because she definitely has a gift for it. One of the accomplishments she listed after winning an award was: "I wrote ten novels and I'm still happily married." How many of us can say that.

It's clear that Tanya has a high regard for her family, and her family has a high regard for her. She has given her children the gift of reading, and they wanted her to read to them something she wrote. "And so, I told my tale and this time--my family gave me a gift."

Tanya's the first to admit that she has a problem.

"I wrote my first draft about six months ago. (Gee when I write it like that, it comes off a little like an AA meeting introduction.-- Maybe I should start a blog for Writing Addicts.)"

"Yeah, I have a problem. I'm addicted to writing. It's not so funny, it took me a long time to admit that. I should sleep but it nags at me until I get up and satisfy the craving. The laundry needs to be folded, but honestly, can't we wear it out of the basket? I mean, come on! It's been sitting there so long it's already wrinkled!"

She believes she has special powers:

"In life, we deal with specialists all the time. Professionals. The guys and gals who KNOW their stuff. They come in handy for work, writing, even as a parent. Yet, five minutes with my very informed doctor makes me wonder if she knows I have magical kisses that heal boo boos. Because I really do--they even impress the hell out of me."

She's not only witty, she's also a philosopher.

"It's how we survive that matters in life, not what we know. Now go write about what little you know. It'll be fun to see how brilliant you can be."

Those are just a few of her gems. Please visit her blog (even if she already has hundreds of followers, what's a few hundred more?) Lifes like that. You might meet the unexpected that is also true.
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