Thursday, May 2, 2013

Travel: It's The Journey That Counts (Travel Story)

When I was in Europe back in 1971, I rode in a hovercraft across a body of water. It was a commuter hovercraft with maybe twenty passengers. I was completely focused on the experience. It was a thrill riding in this air/boat in the shiny glittering choppy surf. I felt as if I were the only passenger and that this ride was a special gift from Providence. And it probably was, because I've never forgotten it.

Here's the thing, though. I cannot remember where this body of water was, nor which country it was in. My inclinations say it was in England. But, I'm not sure. Did I cross the English Channel in it? I think not. Was I in Scotland or France, even Spain or Italy? I cannot remember. What I do remember is the excitement, the wonder, I felt at riding in that amazing craft.

I think this reflects the notion that it isn't the destination that matters--it's the journey. Where I was and where I was going then aren't important today. What is important is the experience and the memory of it.
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