Saturday, September 20, 2014

Daily Walk: What I see along the way

I walk almost everyday, sometimes twice a day. Partly to better control my diabetes, partly to get exercise, and partly to think. It's something that I've come to look forward to and to feel uncomfortable if I don't do it (usually from reasons beyond my control). When you walk the same route day after day, you come to see more and more detail along the way. Along my walk, and I have several different routes I follow, I've noted and photographed some of the things I see. I'd like to share with you some of those sites.

Cobblestone Parkway, the main road into my development

This is along the first route I followed when I first started walking a few months ago.

This in a neighbor's yard not far from my house.

This is McCormick Road, another route I follow. This is the longest stretch, almost three miles round trip.

There are several things to see along this road.

This is a view that I enjoy, an expanse of trees beyond a lake, and the skies above,

and a section of fence.

There are also reminders of our modern world of communications.

And, finally, there are reminders that our roads are dangerous--roadside memorials.

Walking has become an added pleasure to my life. Hopefully, I can continue to do so for many years to come.
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