Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What Is Creativity? (1)

Many people have explained what creativity is. But, of course, none of these explanations are scientific or infallible. Their explanations are based on their own experiences and what they think it is. And so it is with me.

Putting words on paper, or color on canvas, or musical notes on scores, interpreting the words of others as an actor/actress, and so on are all creative acts as long as they are yours, not merely copying someone else's.

Using your imagination is a creative act. Transforming what you imagine into words, art, music makes the creative act more solid, more permanent, though it will probably never be exactly as we imagined it. The final product will be different, because what we imagine takes on a life of its own. The creative act becomes organic. It speaks to us. It tells us what to do. And we listen. So, in a sense, we are doing nothing--it's doing itself through us. This still doesn't tell us "what" creativity is. There are some hints: imagination, transforming, permanence, organic.
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