Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Power of Association

About eight months ago I was (and still am) a member of two writing groups here in my town. That was it. I barely knew how to use a computer or surf the internet. Sending email was about it for me. Then my son-in-law sent me an email telling me, because I like to write, I should look at this website--Webook. So I did and I joined it. I was overwhelmed at first. But I gradually began to understand it and play with it. It's now a part of my daily routine. I wanted to be a part of a group, so I hunted around and found someone--Lilysea--who had her first chapter of a novel posted for review, so I reviewed it and sent her the info. She asked me to be her friend, so I accepted. I saw that she had a blog. I had no idea what a blog was, but I took a look at it--Peter's Crossing. I somehow discovered some other blogs by writers. I was gaining information I didn't even know I was looking for. Then it dawned on me that I could write a blog. But how do you do it? I checked out a book from the library, "Publishing a Blog with Blogger." It told me what to do, so I gave it a try. I was amazed. It was so easy, a child could do it. So I started my blog around October 2010. And I've been blogging ever since. I notified my email list of my blog, and Lilysee welcomed me to the world of blogging.

I came across another website--AgentQueryConnect--and I recognized some of the members as members of Webook, so I decided to join. What a powerful experience that has been. It opened a whole new world of writing and publishing to me. I soon discovered the world of self-publishing. And if you've read some of my earlier posts, you know I've gone back and forth about it. Then I discovered and that you can publish books for free, so I began investigating it.

I also made a new friend through AQC--Tanya Reimer--who became a follower of my blog. So I learned what following was and signed up to follow her blog. Now that I knew what following was, I signed on to follow Lilysea's blog, and some others.

In the meantime, I was learning about Facebook. I had heard of it. My children were all on Facebook, but from what I had seen of it, it held no interest for me. But the more I read about it being part of the self-publishing world, the world of cyberspace, and that many writers were on Facebook, I decided to join. I did so not very long ago, maybe a month ago. In trying to figure out how it works, I've discovered that I actually like it. I've made a number of friends and reaquainted with some old ones. I've created a Page for my writings. Oh, and I've made friends with Lilysea on Facebook.

Through AgentQueryConnect I learned about San Francisco Writers University, liked it, and joined. It had a free course on Setting Up Your Storefront in Cyberspace, which was all about what I was learning to do. I've followed some of its advice--I'm taking baby steps--including joining LinkedIn, which I did today. Who did I meet in LinkedIn but Lilysea and I also saw that one of my daughters is on Linkedin.
Hey, I'm still a baby in cyberspace, but I'm worlds ahead of where I used to be. And all thanks to my son-in-law. Thanks Kent.


Tanya Reimer said...

OMG, what an adventure, eh? I can't believe the holes we dig, until we look up to see the mountains we made ourselves.

I am on facebook too- tanya keen reimer, if you want to look me up. I tried looking you up and liked your book page but couldn't find you. Too many Richard Hughes.

What is exciting, is seeing other writers find agents or self-publish. It gives me hope. I'm sending out another query today. (finger crossed.)

Richard said...

I've sent you an invite to be my friend on Facebook. Say yes!

Tanya Reimer said...

Haha. Done. Thanks.