Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mind Mapping a Book

I've done a mind map of Part Five, The Fourth Core Competency--Story Structure of the book on writing titled Story Engineering by Larry Brooks. Due to limitations in my knowledge of how to present these pictures, I've had to show the whole mind map followed by various sections of the map enlarged. What I'm trying to achieve with this map is an overview of the components of story structure as presented by the author. If I can comprehend the entirety of the components in one visual, it should be easier for me to follow and remember. I could have done a straight outline of the chapter, but the visual component would be missing. Combining a limited outline with the visual component of the mind map, I should have a better grasp of story structure, a mental picture. This mind map is based on my understanding of the key components. One word or group of words represents paragraphs, even pages of information. It would not mean much to someone who hasn't read the book. But, because I've read it, I understand what everything stands for.

Mind Map of Story Structure

Right side of mind map.

Lower right corner of mind map.

Left side of mind map.
I hope this illustration has given you an idea of one way to use a mind map. Reading something is one thing. Understanding it is another. I think mind mapping helps with understanding and remembering.
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