Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Which is your favorite T.V. show?

I used to practically never watch television. But, since I've retired, I've watched a few programs that I enjoy. One is Ancient Aliens, another is Dancing With The Stars (I've only watched one series, but I enjoyed it quite a bit; I would love to have been a dancer, I guess.) But, as rediculous as it sounds, my favorite show is...Project Runway. Can you believe that? I mean, how lame can I be? But the show is just so full of interesting human interactions, tension, stress, hopes, dreams, true emotions...I love it. I've only watched one series (I'm now watching the new series that started a couple of weeks ago) but I looked forward to each show and who would win. Oh well...what's your favorite T.V. show, and why? Let us know.


Clarissa Draper said...

I love the great mystery series. Right now I love Castle. However, I also love Silent Witness (UK).

Maria said...

Hi Richard,

I'm fellow #writecampaigner pleased to meet you, we're in Adult fiction together.

My favourite TV show is 'Fringe' it isn't showing at the moment.

Its a science fiction tale about parallel universes and ghastly goings on, on both sides.

Mind you I have my writing to occupy me.

Rebecca Kiel said...

Frasier. Hands down.

Damon said...

nice post

worddreams said...

Thought I'd drop in to say hi. I'm a Campaigner--Adult Fic #5. My daughter loves Project Runway. I'm more into strong, women--Closer. That type.

See you at the Campaign!

Peggy Eddleman said...

Mine is sort of like Project Runway-- It's The Next Food Network Star. My husband and son got me hooked! Same reasons as why you like Project Runway. :)

Katie Gates said...

Hi Richard, Fellow campaigner here, and I completely agree with what you said about Project Runway and all the the levels of humanity and human interaction that it reveals. I haven't watched that one, as my addictions to American Idol and Dancing With The Stars are sufficiently time-consuming. But those relationship issues and personal hope issues are big in those shows as well. Aside from those, I'm a late-night gal. Letterman and Fallon. And my nightcap is often the old Dick Van Dyke show (I own the series on DVD.)

You might like this post I did a while back re American Idol:

Pk Hrezo said...

That's very unexpected, but cool, Richard! Fashion design is very creative and much like books, there are only so many ideas you can spin off of before putting your own creative flair into it.
I don't have a fave TV show. I don't have time to watch TV at all. But my faves of all time are Little House, Star Trek NG, Cheers, Northern Exposure said...


I'm a fellow campaigner and dropped by your blog to check it out. Looks great!

I watched Project Runway for a few years and got totally immerse in it, even though I have zero interest in fashion! These days I'm crazy enough to admit that I am crazy about The Biggest Loser. It inspires me to work through my own fears about life in general.

Nice to meet you here! Looking forward to the challenge.

-- Nadine

Roland D. Yeomans said...

Thanks for visiting and following, fellow Campaigner.

My favorite TV shows are HAVEN and FRINGE. No surprise as they combine a sense of family with the eerie unknown aspects to the world we live in. LOL.

Jolene Perry said...

LOVE Project Runway - it's the only thing that makes me miss having TV at our house. BUT they get them to DVD pretty fast, and I don't have to wait for episodes :D

Deb Shucka said...

I'm tickled that you're hooked on Project Runway. I haven't been caught by that particular show, but Survivor and Amazing Race are much-anticipated hours in our household. And it's the stories of these people's lives that hook me, which is probably why reality television is so popular.

Nicole Zoltack said...

My favorite show is The Vampire Diaries.

Fellow campaigner here - we're in the same adult fiction group. I write just about everything - from PBs on up to adults. Looking forward to getting better acquainted!

Nancy Thompson said...

I have many TV shows I love, but Spartacus is by far my favorite!

Arlee Bird said...

Of the shows you mentioned, I'm only familiar with Dancing with the Stars. It's not my favorite, but I have watched some in the past. I too would have liked to have honed some dance skills in my life. My parents started me in dance school when I was very young but I resisted to my later regret.

My favorite shows are American Idol and America's Got Talent. My mother and sisters got me hooked on those. I have a love hate relationship with them and mostly watch them to have a topic of discussion with my family. Mostly I don't watch too much TV.

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