Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Rule of Three Contest, Week 3

This is my third submission for the Rule of Three Contest.

I'm using the prompt "Betrayal is in the air."

My second week's post is here: .

             “Camilla, you look confused.”
            “I am. I don’t know how I got here or why I’m here. I know nothing about Renaissance. Prince Giovanni says he’s my guide, and then he leaves me.”
            “The prince is not who he says he is. If he were, he would not leave you.”
            I stared into my goblet and began crying.
            “My lady,” he said, “all is not lost. I’m here to help you. I am Benevento, Head Knight of Renaissance. I’ve been sent to protect you.”
            His intense blue eyes had a friendly glow. He smelled of apple-peach cologne. Yet I didn’t know if I could trust him. “The prince said you’re a rogue—a villain.”
            He held his palms open to me. “Do I look like a villain, my lady?”
            I wanted to be truthful and say no, but I was afraid. “I don’t know what to say. The prince said nothing here is as it seems.”
            “He would say that. He is a liar. He wants to take advantage of you.”
            “But why?”
            “It’s a secret, my lady.”
            “Why is everything a secret? This is madness. It’s worse than Real World.”
            “Real World is not real, Camilla. It’s a trick of the vampires and werewolves.”
            “Do you mean Real World doesn’t exist?”
            “It exists, but it is not real.”
            I buried my face in my hands. My tears were hot. I was so afraid.
            “What is wrong, Camilla?”
            “Nothing. Nothing at all.”
            “Then you are brave, aren’t you?”
            I looked at him, hoping to not betray myself. “I’m not afraid, Head Knight Benevento.”
            “That’s all the more reason you need my protection.”
            “Why do I need protection?”
            “As I said, the prince wants to take advantage of you. That’s why he’s taking you to the abandoned silver mine. That’s why I must accompany you.”
            “But how do I know you’re going to protect me? How do I know you’re not going to take advantage of me?”
            “As Head Knight of Renaissance, I’m honor bound to protect you from all harm. I’ve sworn an oath to protect all the innocents of Renaissance.”
            “But how do I know that, Head Knight?”
            “You are brave, are you not?”
            “I am brave, Benevento. I fear nothing.”
            “Then I will accompany you to the silver mine at six-forty-six tonight—sunset.”
            “But, sir—”
            “There’s nothing more to be said, my lady.” He stood and bowed with a sweeping of his hat in front of him.
            “But, sir—”
            He walked out of the tavern and disappeared, the smell of his apple cologne lingering in the air.
            I gripped my goblet, my hand shaking. The golden bowl was empty. The beautiful barmaid looked at me, snickering.
            What have I done?
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