Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Rule of Three Contest

The Rule of Three contest has begun. You can check out the rules at

I took as my prompt 'someone might fall in love'.
It's about 500 words.
One of the things about Renaissance that wasn't mentioned in the rules, but was a part of the description of Renaissance, was that everyone there has secrets. So, I tried to work that in. Anyway, here's my first entry:

Welcome to Renaissance

            I found myself in the town of Renaissance, as if I had awoken into a dream, as if I had left the real world behind. I walked down Main Street, admiring the statues and frescos and listening to the troubadours singing love songs. This was better than Real World, where there was no happiness. All I had wanted in Real World was love, and all I had gotten were vampires attacking me like swarms of mosquitoes on a hot summer night. I hated it. So, here I am in Renaissance, which means “rebirth.” Have I been reborn? I hope so.
            The sign outside the town had said: Welcome to Renaissance, Population 333. How can a town know its exact population? Do they put up a new sign with a new number every time someone dies or is born? I guess, with only 333 people, there probably aren’t many births and deaths here in any one year, maybe not for years at a time.
My life is a mystery to me, one I’ve been trying to solve for a long time. My one big question is: why do vampires like me? What’s in my blood that attracts them, makes them want to feast on me? They never bothered me until I began my menstrual cycle. When my scent was released into the air every thirty days, the vultures would circle in the sky over my head. Is that why they call the female’s monthly flow of blood the woman’s curse? Whatever it’s called, it’s the real world, and everywhere you look in Real World, things are after you. Some things want you alive so they can suck out your essence, and some things want you dead so they can eat you whole. And the two things fight over you. And, if you’re weak, in their fight they will tear you apart. That’s just the way it is in Real World. I only hope it won’t be that way in Renaissance.
Everywhere I look here, the people are beautiful. The women wear the newest fashions. The men wear the smartest suits. I’m disturbed that I’m dressed in worn out blue jeans with holes in the knees, and a cowl neck sweater. In Real World, I was chic, but here, I’m a fright. But everyone looks at me, smiles, and says hello. Everyone seems friendly. I’ve got to get to know these people. The one thing I don’t want them to know, though, is that I’m afraid.
I came to a tavern and, being hungry and thirsty, decided to go inside. There were two men sitting at the counter, drinking beers and eating sandwiches. I was immediately struck by their handsomeness and their politeness—they both stood up and bowed to me when I came through the door. I was taken aback. They smiled and waited for me to sit down at the stool between them before sitting down themselves. My heart fluttered. Maybe I had been reborn.
(to be continued)

So, there it is. Where to go from here? I have a good idea, but rather than keep writing, I decided to wait for the next set of prompts, and hope they work for my story.
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