Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Word Count, Two Months Later

This is a continuation of my reports on how I'm doing on revising my novel, based on word count. I last posted on Sept. 19

Sept. 19-Sept. 24:     3,144 words
Sept: 26-Oct. 1:       10,302 words
Oct. 3-Oct. 8:          12,449 words
Oct. 10-Oct. 15:        2,689 words
Oct. 17-Oct 18:                0 words

Total for month:  28,584 words

I've now completed 99,770 words of the novel. I estimate I have about 25,000-27,000 words to go. So, it appears that I have about another month's work to do to reach the end.

I'm happy with this progress. The last quarter of the book is much more polished than the first three-quarters of the book was, so I hope that the work I have left to do will present no big problems.

It's pretty incredible when I look at the 445 pages I've already done and realise I have about 100 pages to go. I never imagined I'd ever write a book this long. Most of what I've done in the past has been more in the 300 page range, or less. So, for me, this is a big project. None of the future books I have planned are this long.

I've also narrowed down a few pictures to use for the cover image.

I suppose there's a chance I'll self-publish the book in December, but I'm not pushing for that month. I want to do it right. I'll take however long it takes.
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