Tuesday, November 1, 2011

One Year Old

That's right. My blog is now one year old.

What a fast-paced year it was. How have I done? I know it's been all over the place as far as subject matter. It started off in one direction, then moved in other directions depending on my mood or whatever I was involved in. I like writing in that way, but I think it's probably better to have clear themes that you work with, that recur. At least, that's the way I feel at the moment. But I don't seem to have any themes that I'm attached to except the theme of writing. Yet, what can I say that so many other blogs haven't already said about writing? I'm not sure I have anything to add, although I know that each person's way of expressing the same ideas can be quite different. There's always variety. It's something I'll think about for the second year of my blog.

What have I enjoyed most about blogging? No doubt, expressing my ideas is important. That's what a lot of blogs are about--expressing one's ideas. I've certainly done that on occassions.

But, just as importantly, I've enjoyed the many bloggers I've met through blogging. There are so many talented people out there. I wish we could all get together and have a big convention, or maybe just a party would do. But it would be a big party. Now there's an idea. How can I have a big blog party on my blog?       

Come to my party--everyone's invited.

Tanya, you bring the wit and wisdom.
PK, you bring the party favors.
Valentina, you bring the champaign. Oh yeah, Suzie Campioni sounds like fun too.
Scott, you bring the time-machine.
I'll let Michelle and Elizabeth bring us back to reality.
Dave, bring your zombie friends.
Oh, everyone, just bring yourselves.

Who knows, maybe we'll have fun.


E.R. King said...

Happy blogversary! A party sounds like fun! I'll be there.

Tanya Reimer said...

Yay! Happy first Blogday!!

Oh yes let's party! We've done so much together this year, we deserve some champagne and then some.

Elizabeth Varadan aka Mrs. Seraphina said...

You're counting on me to bring you back to reality? Good luck! :-) But happy blogversary. I enjoy your blog and am glad to see you posting again.

Clarissa Draper said...

Happy blogversary! I would love to go to your party!

Michelle Fayard said...

Happy birthday to you and your blog, Richard! What a great way to celebrate the fall harvest season.

Valentina Hepburn said...

Happy 1st Birthday to you and your blog, Richard. It's been great meeting you through our blogs, and yes, the champagne is on me. Suzy says try and keep her away.
Valentina x

The Golden Eagle said...

Happy Blogoversary! :)

Peggy Eddleman said...

Happy birthday to your blog! One of my favorite things about blogging is the people I've met through blogging. I love the idea of one big party!!

Donna Hole said...

Always up for a party - I bring a box wine :)

Happy blogversary Richard :)


Talli Roland said...

Whoop whoop! Happy one year! Isn't blogging GREAT!

Arlee Bird said...

The blogging "experts" seem to think we bloggers should have a niche or specialty in order to build our audience, but like you I prefer a bit of variety. The first year is a lot of experimentation, or at least that was the case for me. What the heck--I'm still doing a lot of experimentation. To me the first rule of blogging is to enjoy it. And up there along with that one is to give your audience something they'll enjoy as well.
Congratulations on a first year well done and best wishes for many more to come.

Ann Carbine Best visits Wrote By Rote on Saturday 11/12/11

Pk Hrezo said...

LOL! Sounds like a plan, Richard!
I've. been wanting to have a blogger convention too. Got to meet a couple of them at Universal Studios earlier this week. It was so great.
Happy blogoversary! My blogs a lot like yours, not any one theme, but just my path along life's way. And the friends I've made are the only reason i do it. It's such an amazing network here. People on the outside just can't understand it. :)

Ann Best said...

My first year congratulations to you, too! Is this the blog you're now using, and not the other one? I see that on my computer at least your followers icon doesn't come up on either of your blogs. I know you've been having trouble with Blogger! But the important thing is that you're writing!? How is the book coming along?

Thanks for stopping by Lee's Wrote by Rote and commenting. Your support means a lot to me!!
Ann Best, Author of In the Mirror, A Memoir of Shattered Secrets

Deb Shucka said...

Happy Bloggy Birthday, Richard. I hope year two is as satisfying for both you and your readers as the first one has been.

Juliana L. Brandt said...

Ooo, I love parties. Happy Bloggity Birthday!

Ann Best said...

Happy birthday!

I started out the way you did, too. A personal, eclectic blog, which of course has now themed to memoir. It was fifteen months after I signed my contract before my book was published, so what was I going to write about? I just wrote about "life" things so people could get to know me; and like you, I've made so many friends through blogging.

Re: your comment just now on my post. I really like Smashwords for the variety of formats. I've downloaded some books from there that I've printed out so I didn't have to read it from a screen (this was before I got my Kindle and Nook); it doesn't cost much to do this, just a little paper and some toner. This I do if it's something I want to refer back to.

I hope you like my story when you do read it. I'm not doing a blog tour with it, so if you like it when you read it, I would love to have a review for it from you. You write great reviews! :o)

Now that I've done this, I need to get my bloggers books/reviews posted on my blog. Your stories will be at the top! (I'd like to get the Slideshow widget, but I can't figure out how to get it on WordPress, probably because it's free. If I only I knew how all this worked...!!!)

As always, thanks for your support. And when you're reading for a reading of your WIP, I'd love to be one of your readers!
Ann Best, Author of In the Mirror, A Memoir of Shattered Secrets

Nancy Thompson said...

Happy one year anniversary! A big blog party is a grand idea!

Misha said...

Happy bloggervarsary! Here's to next year. :-)

Elizabeth said...

Happy Blogaversary.

Stopping by from the great comments award post.