Thursday, March 15, 2012

I'm happy today.

Yes, I'm happy today. I'm happy with the way my blog is going. I enjoy reading blogs I follow, and I enjoy reading the comments left on my blog. A lot of times I re-read my blog post after it's been up awhile and has a few comments. I like to see how I've connected with someone else. It is time-consuming, but I enjoy it or I wouldn't do it.

I'm happy today, because I had a good night's sleep. I suffer from sleep apnea and use a cpap machine to sleep. Sometimes I wake up in the morning just as tired as when I went to sleep. Doesn't make for a pleasant day.

I'm happy today, because my grandson and granddaughter are playing well together this morning. I'm raising my almost three-year-old grandson and I babysit my slightly younger granddaughter. Some days they drive me crazy and I get no work done. I won't get any work done today other than jump on the internet now and then. I like taking them to the park. They love it and I've met some pretty interesting people there. I've gotten to know one of the wives of the Jacksonville Jaguars coaching staff. She had a baby last month, so I probably won't see her again until the fall. I've seen a Jaguars player and his family there. I get to talk to other grandparents who are babysitting their grandchildren. We share stories as if we were two young mothers instead of retired grandparents.

I'm happy that I've now self-published two ebooks. I think I'm just as happy as if they'd been published by Random House or Scribners or any of the big boys.

How about you? Are you happy today, or is it a less than ideal day?

I've revealed a little bit about myself, because Rachna Chhabria Her blog asked for it. How about it? Let's keep it going. Tell us a bit about yourself.
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