Wednesday, January 2, 2013

"How I Write, The Secret Lives of Authors" Editied by Dan Crowe (3)

More 'secrets' of various writers on how they write:

Siri Hustvedt: found a group of keys on a key chain with the label "Unknown Keys" that belonged to her deceased father. She keeps them as symbols that unlock the various "dream spaces of fiction" in her mind.

A. L. Kennedy: keeps a pocket-sized notebook for the book she's working on and carries it everywhere she goes to note everything about the story and characters.

Willy Vlautin: writes between races at the horse race track . He feels at home there.

James Flint: drinks copious amounts of Yerba Mate (a drink from Argentina), which is said  to relax the muscles and stimulate the mind.

Jane Smiley: when she doesn't know what to write next, she takes a hot soaking bath, and what to write next comes to her.

Hanif Kureishi: Has various rituals for writing--obsessions. If you're not obsessive, you're not a writer, she says.

Michael Thorne: spends a lot of time walking and thinking.

Michael Faber: listens to music, but music that is not connected with what he's writing. E.G., he might listen to jazz while writing about Victorian England.

Hope you're noting all this down.
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