Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Erotica: It's A Woman Thing

I recently read a romance that was a gradual titillating buildup to sexual gratification--at last! It took a hundred or so pages to get there. And, when it finally got there--wow. I don't know if this is the way all erotic romance works, but I suppose, based on random sampling, it is, with a thousand variations, I imagine.

Here's the rub. Men cannot read like that. Not in public anyway. The constant tension on the sexual organs is too much for a man. Too much for this man, at least. I've read that e-readers are excellent for women. They read this stuff off and on during the day. No one knows what they're reading, and they are being sexually aroused all day long, I suppose. The female body can handle it. Men have a tendency, perhaps even a need, for immediate release. The woman needs a lot of foreplay. Erotic romance is perfect for this.

I look at the books in the erotica category and go to various websites: it's populated mostly by women, it seems. Women authors. A man can't very easily compose this stuff. Again, it's the tension on the sex organs. It can get downright painful after a few hours of thinking about the sex act and all it's variations, I mean painful to the sex organs. Apparently, women can write about this and think about it all day long, and it doesn't hurt their sex organs. Apparently it actually gives them great pleasure.

I've often read that female is the superior gender. In this case, it seems to be true.
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