Friday, January 3, 2014

My plans for 2014

I don't think I've ever made New Year's resolutions. I have always associated them with alcohol and faulty thinking, the main reason it seems that practically no one keeps their resolutions. I do believe in planning, though, but in all honesty, few if any of my plans have ever panned out. I'm traditionally a procrastinator by nature. Part of that is because, until recent years, I've always been a perfectionist. And, another point of honesty, perfectionism was always my enemy. It almost guaranteed that I would fail. So, I've learned that perfectionism is a curse I can do without. And, if my plans don't work out, oh well, that's the way it goes. But I still like to plan ahead and think about what I'd like to achieve in the future, knowing perfectly well it won't happen, at least, not in the way I planned.

This year, after basically taking the past year off from writing fiction, I plan on getting back to it. I hope to revise three crime short stories I wrote about a year ago. I'd also like to write a couple more (I have a couple of stories in mind). I also hope to revise one of my novels that is fairly well polished and has been critiqued (thank you, Tanya Reimer). To be honest, this is just a hope. I think it will require real dedication on my part. I don't know if I have it in me anymore.

I will continue with my art courses. I'm signed up for Fundamentals of Painting, which starts next week at UNF.

I will continue my self-analysis and research on Growing Old, Growing Young, and blogging about it. I have two or three posts already written that I'm allowing to simmer before publishing them. I do have in mind eventually using all my posts as the basis of a book. But that will be years away.

If I do manage to make headway with writing fiction again, I will also blog about writing again, about the craft, inspiration, hard work, and so on. Continue trying to be part of the writing community.

I love to read. I do so less and less as the years go by, but I hope to do a decent amount of reading this year.

Of course, there will be many obstacles. My wife plans on having knee replacement surgery in February. This will definitely interfere with all my plans. The one thing I'll probably have to try to keep up with during this time is my painting class. Illness is always a looming threat, especially during the winter. Raising my grandson, who is now four, is pretty much a full time job. I also have all the responsibilities of any homeowner that never go away.

I have plenty to be thankful for. I'm still in good health. My attitude is good. And I never stop. I just like doing things and being involved and hopefully I can give something good of myself to the world.

So, Happy New Year. Hope your resolutions and plans for 2014 are all fulfilled.

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