Monday, May 26, 2014

Guayaberas: I love mine

I've owned one guayabera for several years, which I wore only occasionally. It seems that, at least in the U.S.A., the shirts are worn mainly by older men. That's probably why I rarely wore it. I treated it as a dress shirt for certain occasions. Recently my father passed away and I inherited his collection of guayaberas. I decided to start wearing them on a daily basis. Why not? I'm 67 years old. I think I'm qualified as an older man, and why let them hang anonymously in my closet. So I started wearing them regularly. Now I want to wear them every day. They are beautiful and practical. Each of my shirts have four pockets on the front. And that's the practicality of them. I have a pocket for my sunglasses when I take them off. I have a separate pocket for my notepad and pens that I carry all the time. I have one for the cell phone my daughter recently gave me. And yet another pocket for carrying my small digital camera, something I've carried around for years. It's amazing. It's the perfect leisure shirt for today's busy man.


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