Sunday, October 12, 2014

Claude Nougat: Where I Live and Why I Like It

My guest today is a lady who is an author, an artist, a poet, and a political analyst (should we call her a Renaissance woman?). Where she lives needs no introduction. Claude Nouget has published a climate fiction novel Forever Young, a romance Crimson Clouds, a trilogy Luna Rising, a collection of short stories Death on Facebook, and poetry.

1. Geographical Information:

Country: Italy
City: Rome
Neighborhood: Town center – inside of the old city’s walls.
District within City: Near the cathedral of San Giovanni:

2. Is there any place in your area that’s considered a pilgrimage site, such as a religious shrine? If so, have you been there?
The whole of Rome is full of incredibly beautiful churches and, no need to say it, is there? St Peter’s is a must!

3. Is there a site that has special meaning for you?
The old church of St Theodore – San Teodoro . Built in the 6th century, nestled in the ruins of the Roman Forum, with the Palatine Hill as a backdrop, this is where I got married to the one love in my life…a Sicilian (we’ve been married 36 years!). We walked to the church and the Roman police stopped the traffic for us – I’ll never forget that day!

4. Is this where you were born and/or grew up? If not, how did you come to live here?
I was born in Belgium and as a child I lived in many countries: Sweden, Egypt, Russia, Colombia. I finally arrived in the US when I was 17 and stayed there until my late 20s – then back to Europe and eventually Rome, thinking I wouldn’t stay very long…until love hit me!

5. What do you like best about where you live?
The monumental beauty of the town, the wonderful Italian food, the fun trattorias come to mind but above all, the kindness of simple people in the street. Italians have a “joie de vivre” that they know how to share and that is very precious…

6. Do you plan on living here the rest of your life?
You bet!

7. Do you have family in the area, or have you ventured out on your own?
As I said, I am married here and have two children (now grown-up of course).

8. Are you happy where you live?
How could I not be?

9. For tourists, what would you recommend seeing?
A tour of Rome can be done in a day but I would recommend at least a week, there’s so much to see, from the Colosseum to the Sistine Chapel, from the Bocca della Verità (the mouth of truth: it snaps shut if you lie!) to the Pantheon…The list is endless!

10. What do you do for entertainment where you live? Sporting events, theater, concerts, so on and so forth.
I play golf and enjoy the music – lots of places in Rome! In summer you have outdoors opera at the Terme di Caracalla (in winter, you can go to the Opera House of course). There are plenty of concerts and shows at the very modern Auditorium Parco della Musica built by the famous architect Renzo Piano ….

And we got the Rolling Stones at the Circus Maximus (Circo Massimo) in July this year, unforgettable!

11. If you’re a writer, have you included where you live in the settings of any of your stories? If you’re a painter, have you painted any of your area’s features?
Absolutely, Rome turns up in almost all of my books, notably in Crimson Clouds ( a Boomer Lit novel, originally called “A Hook in the Sky”) and in volume 3 of the Luna Rising trilogy.

12. Would you recommend others to move to  Rome?
I certainly would! Actually, the whole of Italy – it’s a great country to live in and to enjoy life and I would especially recommend the countryside or small towns for people considering a place to retire to. Cheaper than Rome and so relaxing…

And thanks Richard for letting me share my news on your wonderful blog!

It's been my pleasure to have you. Please visit Claude's website Claude Nougat for more information and links to her various activities.
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