Tuesday, April 21, 2015

UNF Color Theory: Final Group Project

Our final project for the semester was a food gathering based on the color wheel. My group had to prepare appetizer, main course with two sides, and desert based on a monochromatic color scheme. My team chose yellow. We presented a fruit tray of all yellow fruits. We had yellow drinks, mahi mahi, plantains, grilled corn, and banana flam. We also used a yellow table cloth and napkins, and a yellow banana inspired poster. It was called 'Banana Cabana'.

This photo is of another teams food based on complementary colors.

This was a fitting and sumptuous end to a great semester of color theory. In some ways we came to feel like a small family in the classroom. This meal was like a family coming together for a celebratory meal.

UNF Color Theory: Color Inventory "You Are What You Eat"

This assignment was an interesting one. We had to choose our favorite food, then make a color inventory based on the different colors found in the food, painting all the colors in acryla gouache. Then we had to create a self-portrait in any media using the color inventory.

I chose for my favorite food trail mix, which had a lot of browns and earth tones. I painted the self-portrait in acrylic. This is the result.

Monday, April 13, 2015

UNF Color Theory: Color Constancy

In this project we had to paint the same scene four times, but under different lighting conditions each time. This is a scene from the street I live on seen from my garage. The four lighting conditions were upper left early morning to around noontime, upper right overcast sky, lower right foggy weather, and lower left mid-day clear sky.

Each scene took about 5 hours to paint. Each is 9x7 inches, painted in acrylic on Bristol board, mounted on illustration board. These are, if I remember correctly, my first paintings en plein air.

UNF Color Theory: Psychological Self-Portrait

In this assignment, we were to choose two contrasting words to use as the basis for a psychological self-portrait. The words I chose were 'passive' and 'aggressive'. We had to draw two abstract images representing each word respectively, and base the colors used in each on the meaning or connotation we felt represented each word. We then had to paint  two self-portraits using the same colors used in the abstract images.

This is the result of my word choice:

Each painting is 5x7 inches, painted in acryla gouache on Bristol board mounted on illustration board. The two on the left represent 'passive' and the two on the right 'aggressive'.