Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Author Karen Walker, Following the Whispers

Following the Whispers is one of those blogs that Blogger won't allow me to make comments on, so I have to make my comments as a post. Her post this morning is about the movie "Departures". My comment was
"I've seen the movie, and it does affect you. It's a rare kind of movie." But, of course, I couldn't post the comment. I would email her the solution to the problem, but I can't seem to email her either. Here's the solution (several people I follow had made the change and it worked): switch from the full-page format for comments to the pop-up window. It's simple to do. Go to Settings, Comments, and select pop-up box. Maybe she will see this post and make the change.

 Others I can't leave comments on are The Intern, Ellie Great, and Amanda Barrett.
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