Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Rule of Three Contest--week 2

Today is week two of the Rule of Three contest, in which we post the continuation of our short stories for the contest. My first post is here:

I used the prompt: a character lies to another in an important matter.

Here is week two's entry:

            “Hello,” said the man on my left. “It’s a pleasure having you here in Renaissance. Please let me buy you a drink.”
 He had the most intense green eyes I had ever seen. Having no money, I had to accept his offer.
            “What would you like, Miss …?”
            “My name is Camilla.”
            “Camilla,” he said, straightening his red silk tie, “I’m Prince Giovanni. What shall it be?”
            “I’d be happy with a glass of wine.”
            “A goblet of wine for my lady,” he said to the barmaid. The beautiful young woman gave me the most curious smile, as if she knew something I did not know.
            I studied the prince carefully as I said, “I’m grateful for your generosity, my lord.”
            “It’s nothing. It’s my duty and pleasure. I’m here to guide you through Renaissance.”
            How is this possible? I wondered. How could he have known I was coming? “Why do I need a guide, my lord?”
            “Renaissance is a beautiful place, but it is not without its dangers.”
            “Prince Giovanni, I assure you, I am not afraid.”
            “You are brave then?”
            “I am afraid of nothing, my lord.”
            “That’s all the more reason you need a guide. Nothing here is as it seems.”
            “What do you mean, my lord?”
            “Take that man on your right. He seems friendly enough, but he is a rogue—a villain.”
            I looked at the man on my right. He had the most intense blue eyes I had ever seen. He did not look like a villain. I turned back to Prince Giovanni. “What do I have to fear of him, my lord?”
            “I cannot tell you, Camilla. It’s a secret.”
            My nerves began to tingle. My true fearfulness was beginning to assert itself. Maybe I did need a guide. “How do I know you’re not a rogue—a villain?”
            “I am a prince. I’m of noble blood. My blood is pure.”
            “How am I to know that, my lord?”
            “I will take you at sunset to the old silver mine just north of town and show you.”
            “My lord, how am I to know in advance that it’s safe to go there with you?”
            “Did you not tell me you’re afraid of nothing?”
            “That’s true, my lord.”
            “Then it’s agreed. You will go with me at sunset.”
            “But, my lord--”
            “I must take my leave, Camilla. You can trust me. I will meet you here at six-forty-six—sunset.”
            “But, my lord,” I said as he bowed to me, strolled out of the tavern, and disappeared.
            What have I done? My hand shook as I picked up the golden goblet.
            The barmaid began to chuckle, looking at me as if I were a fool.
             I took a long drink of wine from the golden goblet. The wine tasted sweet. It began to steady my nerves. Thank goodness for wine. Without it I would have revealed my true nature.
            I heard shuffling on my right and looked over at the man sitting there.

(To be continued)
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