Friday, November 25, 2011

Word Count, Three Months Later

This is a continuation of posts concerning the progress on my WIP.

Week Oct 19-22  7,950 words
Week Oct 24-29  5,417 words
Week Oct 31        4,213 words Draft Completed.

I finished the complete draft on Oct. 31. Total word count was a little over 116,000 words. I ended up eliminating two or three chapters that I decided did not move the story forward in the main plot line. So, I finished earlier than expected.

Tanya Reimer agreed to read the ms, and the feedback she's giving me is phenomenal. She could easily be a professional editor if that was what she wanted to be. I honestly believe her advice will take the book to a new level. So I will not be publishing the book at this time, but will be working on it a while longer--possibly two or three more months.

Am I disappointed, because I wanted to self-publish the book this year? Absolutely not. I'm tickled pink to have the opportunity to make the book much better. Tanya's advice is so exhaustive as to leave no leaf unturned. I'm truly amazed.

Thank you, Tanya.
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